LMU-DCOM Reproductive Course

Here is a collection of quizzes made during the Reproductive System at LMU-DCOM. Some of the the quizzes are written by students and some are written by professors. Many of the questions were made while reading the textbook, and others were made from the lectures given in class.

In order to be successful in this course you need to READ THE BOOK. Dr. Williamson takes a lot of topics right out of the book and makes them a question. Read it and do the online questions from the book, they are very “high yield.”

Chapter 4

Oogenesis Quiz (Dr. Foster stuff)

Ovulation Quiz  (Dr. Foster stuff)

Chapter 5

Maternal – Fetal Physiology Quiz

Chapter 7

Common Chromosomal Abnormalities Quiz

Ethnicity and Genetic Risk Quiz

Chapter 29

Endometriosis Quiz

Chapter 35

Amenorrhea Quiz

Phamacology – Written by Dr. Babos*

Reproductive Pharmacology Quiz

Reproductive Physiology – Written by Dr. Palazzolo*

Reproductive Physiology Quiz


*Questions made by Dr. Babos and Dr. Palazzolo were posted here with their permission.