Shock Quiz

1- Identify the FALSE statement:

2- Which stage of shock is associated with the worsening of tissue hypoperfusion and onset of worsening circulatory and metabolic imbalances, including acidosis?

3- What are characteristics of the irreversible stage of shock?

4- Your patient is in the progressive stage of shock. If the shock is not corrected and tissue hypoxia occurs, what would happen with the patients metabolism?

5- Which type of shock is associated with low blood levels?

6- What characteristics distinguish septic shock from hypovolemic and cardiogenic shock?

7- True or False: Septic shock should present with a normal or high cardiac output.

8- True or False: Hypovolemic shock should typically present with a reduced cardiac output.

9- Anaphylactic schock is associated with which type of hypersensitivity?

10- Which is true in regard to systemic anaphylaxis?