Chapman’s Reflexes

1- In what intercostal space(s) can you find the anterior Chapman's Points for the stomach?

2- What has anterior Chapman's points on the lesser trochanters bilaterally and posterior Chapman's bilaterally on the sacrum?

3- What are the Chapman's reflexes for the thyroid?

4- What organ has Chapman's reflexes at the 2nd intercostal spaces and on the 2nd transverse processes?

5- What has a posterior Chapman's reflex on the lamina of T4?

6- Which of these is are the points for the pyloris?

7- What are the posterior points for the kidneys?

8- What has Chapman's reflexes at the peri-umbilical area and the upper edge of the transverse processes of L2?

9- What are the reflex points for the eyes?

10- This has anterior points at the upper edge of clavicle, just beyond where it crosses 1st rib, and tip of transverse process C1, upper edge, posterior aspect:

11- Which of these does NOT have a posterior reflex at C2?

12- Your patient is complaining of abdominal pain on the right side. You check and find a palpable bb sized nodule in the patient right 6th intercostal space. What organ might you be concerned about?

13- Your patient has abdominal complaints and you find a Chapman's point in the right 7th intercostal space. What organ may be involved with the patients complaints?

14- Which of these does NOT have an anterior reflex at the 2nd intercostal space?