Maternal-Fetal Physiology Quiz

1- In a normal pregnancy the primary change in a woman's cardiovascular system is a marked increase in cardiac output. What is the major cause of increased cardiac output in the first half of pregnancy?

2- What hormone is responsible for the decrease in systemic vascular resistance during pregnancy?

3- What results would you find if  you were to take a arterial blood gas during a typical pregnancy?

4- If you were to check a woman's thyroid status throughout a normal pregnancy what would you typically find?

5- During pregnancy most pulmonary volumes and capacities change from the non-pregnant state. What value remains relatively unchanged?

6- What is the major cause of the decrease in residual volume in a pregnant woman?

7- Which of the following is NOT considered a normal finding in a cardiovascular examination during pregnancy?

8- What blood vessel carries blood from the placenta to the fetus?

9- What structure in the fetal cardiovascular system allows blood to flow from the inferior vena cava to the left atrium?

10- The fetus has a structure that allows blood to flow directly from the pulmonary artery to the aorta. What is found in adults as a result of the closure of that structure?

11- The primary source of amniotic fluid is fetal urine. What is the typical range of fetal urine production?

12- What two substances are needed for a developing fetus to grow male genitalia?

13- A fetus does not have a fully developed immunologic system and needs to receive help from the maternal system. Which immunoglobulins can cross through the placenta to provide passive immunity for the fetus?