Reproductive Pharmacology Quiz

1- A 46 year old female developed a DVT after starting a medication for her estrogen receptor + breast cancer.  Which medication most likely contributed to her DVT?

2- Which medication can both INCREASE and DECREASE gonadal steroid production in males and females?

3- A 23 year old female (5’5” 120 lb) complains that she is having menstrual bleeding during the 3rd week of her 28 day oral contraceptive pill pack.  She has been on this oral contraceptive for 4 months now and has not missed any doses.  Which solution is best?

4- A 25 year old female has been using the combined contraceptive vaginal ring very successfully, but has now realized that she will be in her hormone free interval (and menstruating) on her honeymoon in 3 weeks.  What action is best?

5- What adverse effect is common to depot leuprolide, aromatase inhibitors, depot medroxyprogesterone, long-term heparin use, and long-term glucocorticosteroid use?

6-  Which medication can be used in the neonate to maintain the patency of the ductus arteriosus and in the mother to ripen the cervix?

7- A woman who took nifedipine as a tocolytic is hemorrhaging  post-partum.  Which drug could be used as a specific antidote for her uterine atony?

8- Which best describes the second messenger signal transduction pathway that is activated when oxytocin binds to its receptors in the uterus during labor and delivery?

9- Which drug would be expected to INCREASE prolactin levels and increase milk production?